Throughout the summer holidays we have been hard at work behind the scenes on plans to make the journey to and from school safer for all our families. 

Our main focus at the start of the summer was ensuring our new Safer Parking Signs were ready to roll out on Sandy Lane at the start of the new school term.  However, we hit a few stumbling blocks meaning that we wouldn’t be able to do this without the Council agreeing to certain permits.  Undeterred, we continued to liaise with the Safety and Planning Teams, explaining the undoubtable benefits of us being able to place these signs on the pavements around the Sandy Lane entrances to the school.  Our perseverance paid off and we have now been given permission to use the signage in agreed locations.

As is the case in many things, timing really is everything.  Whilst the delay in permission was frustrating, it has meant that we are now in a stronger position to support the School’s new “Park & Stride” Scheme.  We will be reminding drivers to park safely and in accordance with  the current parking restrictions already in place (double yellow and single yellow line restrictions where applicable) with the use of our signs alongside the School offering a permit for FREE PARKING in the car park at the back of Romiley Precinct. 

You can apply for a FREE parking permit to be used in the car park behind Romiley Precinct at drop off (8.30am - 9.15am) and pick up (2.45pm - 3.30pm).

To obtain a permit, please email:

with your name, child's name & year group and your vehicle registration number.

The school will send permits home with your child, only one permit per family, full terms and conditions of use will be found on the reverse of the permit.

In a further development, we were recently notified that Stockport Council would be making changes to the speed limit and introducing traffic calming measures through the main village along Compstall Road and Stockport Road.  Having reviewed the plans, it became clear that the new measures ran the risk of turning Sandy Lane into even more of a “rat run” with drivers cutting up the road to avoid the new speed restrictions and slower traffic so we launched a campaign to have those restrictions extended to include Sandy Lane.  With signatures from other 250 supporters and the hard work of one of our local councillors, Mark Roberts, the Council planning team agreed to review the measures and in what was a very fast turnaround, the plans were extended to change the speed limit from the bottom of Sandy lane to the south side of Heyworth Avenue to 20mph. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who signed the petition, to our local councillors for their support and to the planning team at Stockport Council for making this possible in less than two weeks.

As plans continue to develop, it is really important to us that we have as much feedback as possible so we are asking all RPS families to take a few minutes to complete our Safer Parking Survey.


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