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The ongoing educational funding crisis has left Romiley Primary School facing yet another year of significant cuts. 

Last year, the school’s Governing Body wrote to all parents to highlight just how critical this situation had become.

Our Local Authority is one of the lowest funded in the country, and within this, Romiley Primary is one of the lowest funded schools, receiving £300 less per pupil than the Stockport average. This equates to over £140,000 less per year than the average Stockport school.

In a further example of how unequal the current funding model is, a school in our neighboroughing Manchester Local Authority of similar size and demographic as Romiley Primary receives more than £600 per pupil compared to us, resulting in over £283,000 in additional funding.

Despite this unequal funding, Romiley Primary continues to consistently show results well above the national average.

These continued cuts to the School's budget means that it simply cannot afford many of the resources that it needs.  

This is where we can help.  

The Friends of Romiley Primary School have already funded £2500 worth of library books and a subscription to a school wide online mathematics program to the same value. In addition to that, we have set aside an additional £1600 in the form of an Enrichment Fund which provides each class with an additional £100 to supplement their resources budget.

Our long term fundraising target is funding the installation of new Promethean Interactive Whiteboards in every single classroom to aid our teachers in delivering the curriculum in a way which can reach and engage every single pupil in our School Community. With 16 classrooms to fit, our total campaign target is a staggering £48,000.  

We’re delighted that we’ve already raised enough to fund the first two whiteboards which were fitted in our Year 6 classrooms earlier this year, but now the real challenge begins. We would usually rely on the support of our local community at events such as our Spring, Summer and Christmas Fairs to help us raise significant amounts towards our goal. However, in light of the current situation due to COVID-19, our usual plans have needed to change and our focus must change to fundraising online.






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