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Funding cuts in education continue to impact our school each year.  Our Local Authority is one of the lowest funded in the country, and within this, Romiley Primary is one of the lowest funded schools, receiving approx £300 less per pupil than the Stockport average. This equates to over £140,000 less per year than the average Stockport school.

In a further example of how unequal the current funding model is, a school in our neighboroughing Manchester Local Authority of similar size and demographic as Romiley Primary receives more than £600 per pupil compared to us, resulting in over £283,000 in additional funding.

These continued cuts to the School's budget means that it simply cannot afford many of the resources that it needs.  

This is where we have helped and we will continue to help.

In the past two years, FRPS has funded:

  • Seven new Promethean Interactive Boards (£21,000)

  • Mathletics programme for the whole school (£2,500)

  • £2,500 worth of new library books

  • £960 worth of funding and donations spent on new bespoke parking signs as part of our Safer Parking Campaign.

  • Virtual Pantomime and refreshments for every child to enjoy over Christmas in 2020

  • Virtual Pantomime and refreshments again for 2021

  • Enrichment Fund of £1600 (providing each class with £100 to spend).

  • Outdoor Enrichment Fund of £250 each for key stage

  • and more besides

Alongside our ongoing commitment to furnishing every classroom at the school with a Promethean Interactive Board, we are also exploring a number of outdoor resource options in consultation with the school and look forward to sharing those ideas with you in the coming weeks.

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