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We are excited to announce that this year we are once again running our Christmas Card project.

Over the past few weeks, the pupils have completed a design template for personalised Christmas Cards and gifts. These designs, along with all the details you need to order, have now been sent home with pupils.

Ordering and payment is all done online, with a deadline of TUESDAY 2ND NOVEMBER.

Your orders will be delivered to school and we will send them home to you during the last week of November.

NEW FOR THIS YEAR - Once you have placed your order, you will also be given the chance to order personalised Santa Sacks from our online store. You can choose from 16 designs and these can again be paid for online but instead, our supplier will post them directly to the address you provide on check out.

PLEASE NOTE - if you have any questions/queries etc, then please contact FRPS, not the school, as we have all the ordering information (contact details at the bottom of this message). School will not be able to access the order forms.

When you place your order PLEASE CHECK the spelling of names very carefully (you can amend them online) as once you have approved them for printing on the order, they cannot be changed.

If you need more than one copy of the design and order form for other family members, online versions can be provided - please email

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