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Tuesday 28th March 2023

Friends of Romiley Primary School

Annual General Meeting 

7.30pm, Romiley Primary School


The meeting will take place in person with an agenda as follows:

1. Minutes of last year's AGM

2. Chair's Report

3. Treasurer's Report

4. Committee Elections

5. Any Other Business


As trustees of FRPS, all named officers are responsible for making sure the organisation is run effectively and in line with our constitution.

As a registered charity, our elected officers are lodged with the Charity Commission.

Although it may seem intimidating, being a good trustee is mostly about common sense, for example:

  • Ensuring committee meetings are properly organised and minuted

  • Ensuring everyone is fully informed and can take part in discussions that lead to good decisions

  • Encouraging everyone to turn up to meetings

  • Identifying the skills and experience the charity needs to run effectively, and recruiting members with these skills

  • Making sure the charity's assets are only used to support or carry out its purposes and taking reasonable steps to ensure the school spends the money as agreed

AGM 2023: Programs

Committee Roles & Further Information

AGM 2023: Text
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