Thursday 28th January 2021

Friends of Romiley Primary School

Annual General Meeting 

Thursday 28th February, 7.30pm, Online via Zoom

Attendees:  Cassie Chantrey (Chair), Robyn Wittersheim (Treasurer), Sam Edwards (Co-opted), Jemma Slater (Co-opted)

Emma Rathbone, Sally King, Sandra Chantrey, Amanda Young, Lou Hancock, Aislinn Ross, Joanne Hughes, Hannah Baskeyfield, Ellen Clayton, Siobhan Richardson, Laura Jones, Danielle Williamson, Duane Briffa, Julie Hinchliffe


1. Minutes of last year's AGM

  • Reviewed by all

  • Accepted - Cassie Chantrey

  • Seconded - Sam Edwards

2. Chair's Report - https://drive.google.com/file/d/15ir1N6oQBL1mS0ZcxOpPDXt8fLc5SRxT/view?usp=sharing

3. Treasurer's Report - 

Please see financial accounts here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/14bWbefkQTd-MpMQM7rdxwDkKUHLhOFoq/view?usp=sharing

Points of note 

  • The accounts run from September 2019 to August 2020

  • The JustGiving amount is not the full balance as the amounts are transferred periodically as they are donated (and as Gift Aid is processed).

  • The School Lottery can generate more in one year operating with minimal work than the Christmas Fair, this needs a relaunch to encourage new participants.

4. Year Ahead

  • As discussed in the Chair’s report, many of our plans will have to remain virtual.

  • At this point, it would be unrealistic to expect us to be able to hold a Christmas Fair so we should plan for alternative events and fundraisers.

  • Whilst the lockdown is in place, our events will be centred around activities and supportive actions

  • We will return to full fundraising activities when it is safe to do so. 

  • There are three Promethean ActivPanels being installed ready for the return to school and we are still committed to funding another 2 before the next AGM.

  • We anticipate that the needs of the school might well change and we will be open to other requests for help. 

5. Election of Committee

Nominees for Chair: Cassie Chantrey (uncontested)

  • Seconded by Sam Edwards

  • Motion passed unanimously 

Nominees for Treasurer: Robyn Wittersheim (uncontested)

  • Seconded by Sam Edwards

  • Motion passed unanimously

Nominees for Secretary: Laura Jones (uncontested)

  • Seconded by Cassie Chantrey

  • Motion passed unanimously

Nominees for Vice Chair: Danielle Williamson (uncontested)

  • Seconded by Cassie Chantrey

  • Motion passed unanimously

6. Questions

7. Any Other Business

  • Report from the school

All efforts greatly appreciated, the virtual support for the pupils has made such a big difference for so many families.

School and staff have felt really supported by FRPS and once again, a massive thank you for installing what will be 7 ActivPanels by the time the children return.

School is looking forward to working with FRPS in the coming year and seeing what new events and ideas you come up with.

Meeting closed


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